Older People

We can help you to reduce the daily impact of:

  • Physical symptoms like pain, fatigue, and movement restriction
  • Vision and hearing loss
  • Cognitive impairments like memory loss
  • Behaviour change in dementia

Our services can:

  • Reduce the impact of pain, fatigue, and movement restriction on your daily activities
  • Reduce the risk of injuries like falls and pressure injuries ('bed sores')
  • Prevent the loss of valued life roles and activities

Our Services

We can conduct an assessment of your falls risk and provide falls prevention advice.

Our assistive equipment and home modifications services can support your wellbeing by adjusting your home environment and the way you do things to make it safer and easier.

We are skilled in home modifications that support a person with dementia, pain, mobility impairment, vision loss, and other physical impairments, and their carers, to be safer and more comfortable at home.

Our Approach

We use a restorative and re-ablement approach because we believe that impairment, illness and injury do not have to be a part of ageing. We can also help you compensate for permanent impairment.

We work with you and your family and carers to provide individualised, comprehensive services that respect your personal choices, autonomy, and life experience.

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You could be eligible for government funding to cover the cost of our services, as well as the cost of assistive equipment or home modifications we recommend. Please ask us for more information.

Client Example

Donald* lives at home with his wife Jane*. He has fed the birds in his backyard for the last 45 years. He recently had several falls on his way to the bird feeder because dementia is affecting his ability to walk, and the back yard is very uneven. Donald is now too anxious to participate in this activity, coinciding with a general increase in his daily level of frustration.

We recommended:

  • A new path with handrail from the back door to the bird feeder
  • A wheelchair for Donald to use on bad days
  • That Jane contact their GP to request a medication review
  • That Jane contact a community service agency for daily carer support

Our recommendations were implemented and Donald is now able to safely feed his beloved birds, improving both his and Jane’s quality of life and their overall health and wellbeing.