Home Modifications

Bathroom modified for wheelchair access

Everyone should be able to move around their home safely and freely. We'll improve your home access and usability.

Home modifications and accessible design is our speciality.

We strive for accessible home design that meets your needs, the needs of other people you live with, and suits your aesthetics.

We work with reliable, experienced independent builders to achieve the best design for you, and the best chance of government funding approval if relevant.

We design to Australian Standards, the National Construction Code, Livable Housing and universal design principles, and very importantly - your personal needs and preferences.

All our senior therapists have undergone advanced training in home modifications and accessible design.

Extensive experience recommending NDIS complex home modifications.

We work with you and an independent building professional to design a modification to suit your needs, and also meet complex NDIS funding guidelines.

We provide you with a report for modifications funding consideration, and a modifications proposal (diagrams and specifications) for your builder or architect.

We can organise building quotes from NDIS registered builders as required.

Experience working on new homes with private builders and architects.

From simple advice about accessible design features to suit you, through to a full modifications proposal (diagrams and specifications) for your builder or architect.

Livable Housing advice and certification.

We have a Livable Housing Assessor on team to assess your Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA) or other new build, or to provide design advice.

Access audits and accessible design advice for public buildings.

RampWe can appraise, audit or design for access in many kinds of public buildings e.g. public toilets, shopping centres, and civic buildings.

Home environment suitability reports

We can assist you to decide if a particular house would be suitable for your needs before you make a purchase.

Our designs improve home access and usability, allowing you more independence and safety. We can design environments for people with:

  • Cognitive impairments and dementia.

  • Wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

  • Reach and dexterity impairments.

  • Vision impairments.

Types of modifications we can assist you with:

  • Wheelchair accessible bathrooms and shower hob removals.

  • More usable bathroom fittings e.g. taps, shower screen, shower head, rails.

  • Wheelchair accessible kitchens, more usable kitchen fittings e.g. taps, stove top, oven, cupboards.

  • Ramps and paths.

  • Door widening and automation.

  • Safety modifications for steps.

  • Stairlifts, platform lifts and elevators.

  • Ceiling track hoists.

  • Pool/spa hoists and access.

  • Home automation e.g. window coverings, doors, aircon/heat

  • Many others, in most parts of your home

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*Not all services available to NDIS participants.