Home Modifications

  • Bathroom modified for wheelchair access

Don’t let injury or impairment restrict your ability to move around your home.

We take the time to collaborate with you and the right construction professionals to design a home that meets your needs, the needs of other people you live with, and suits the look of your house.

We work with experienced, local, licensed builders we know and trust, to achieve the best design for you, and the best chance of funding body approval.

We have additional qualifications in the practice of home modifications and accessible home design:

  • CPPACC04020A Provide access advice on building renovations
  • CPPACC5016A Provide expert advice on renovations to private dwellings
  • Livable Housing Australia Design Guidelines
  • CPPACC4005A Conduct a Building Access Audit

We have extensive experience recommending complex home modifications for the NDIS. We assist you to understand complicated, evolving NDIS home modifications processes, and provide you with a modifications report and building proposal suitable for NDIS funding consideration.

We also have experience working with architects designing new homes.

Our designs can improve home access and usability, and therefore independence, safety and wellbeing. We can design for people with:

  • Cognitive impairments.
  • Wheelchairs and other mobility devices.
  • Reach and dexterity impairments.
  • Vision impairments.

We design in line with various Australian Standards for accessible design, the National Construction Code, Livable Housing Design Guidelines, any funding body criteria, and very importantly - your personal needs and preferences in mind.

Types of modifications we can assist you with:

  • Wheelchair accessible bathrooms, more usable bathroom fittings e.g. taps, shower screen, shower head, rails.
  • Shower hob removals.
  • Wheelchair accessible kitchens, more usable kitchen fittings e.g. taps, stove top, oven, cupboards.
  • Indoor and outdoor ramps and paths.
  • Door widening, style changes, automation.
  • Safety modifications for steps.
  • Stairlifts, platform lifts and elevators.
  • Ceiling track hoists.
  • Pool/spa hoists and access.
  • Home automation e.g. link window coverings, doors, aircon/heat, electrical items to remote or tablet/phone operation

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You could be eligible for government funding to cover the cost of our services, as well as the cost of building works. Please ask us for more information.