Dementia support

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Dementia Support Program

As occupational therapists, we work with people with dementia and their families, using activities and strategies to promote independence
and overcome challenges. 

We are specially trained in the use of the Care of People with Dementia in their Environments (COPE) program, which research shows outperforms pharmacological treatments in reducing the day-to-day impact of dementia symptoms. 


What the COPE program involves

We identify both strengths and challenges that a person with dementia is experiencing, and work collaboratively with their family to help the person remain active, safe and independent at home; reducing care challenges and improving quality of life. 

A COPE program involves a face-to-face sessions in-home, an assessment report, written strategies and activities, and a caregiver resources book, delivered over 2-3 months. 


Is the COPE program right for me & my support team?


The COPE program is suited to people with dementia at any stage, whether they are managing well at home and would like some ideas for enhancing quality of life, or if the person is struggling at home and would like some help to improve their ability to manage at home. It is primarily to equip carers with processes to problem solve matters as required over time, but we support them to get on their feet and learn for the first little while.

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The assessment includes

  • Identifying family and the person with dementia's habits, routines, and preferences for doing things
  • Identifying the person with dementia's important life events and roles
  • Communication styles and habits between family and the person with dementia
  • How the home environment supports the person with dementia
  • Daily activities and behavioural changes that are making caring challenging. 


Recommendations may include

  • Equipment or home modifications to increase safety, maximise the person with dementia's independence, and reduce their confusion and frustration
  • Communication and task adaption strategies to make everyday activities easier for the person with dementia, which makes caregiving easier
  • Communication and task adaption strategies to reduce incidence of changed behaviours, and make it easier for family to respond to those that occur
  • Personalised activities that suit the person with dementia's abilities, that aim to calm them, engage them in something active, or that can be used as quality time with family
  • Stress management techniques for family. 


What if I'd prefer a one-off dementia support consultation with an Occupational Therapist? 

We can offer a one-off session to assist people with dementia. We can do a simpler assessment of someone's cognitive abilities and provide some suggestions for simplifying daily activities to improve independence and quality of life. Simply contact the team!


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