Physical Health Conditions

We can support you to improve safety and independence in every day living.


We work with you and your caregivers to provide individualised services that respect your personal choices, autonomy, and life experience.

We can assist you with difficulties performing your every day activities because of:

  • Diabetes, lung, circulation or heart conditions
  • Muscle or joint injury or condition
  • Spinal injury or neurological condition
  • Recent surgery

We can help you to:

  • Reduce the impact of physical symptoms like pain, fatigue, and movement restriction
  • Reduce the impact of cognitive impairments like memory loss
  • Reduce the risk and impact of pressure injuries ('bed sores')
  • Reduce the risk and impact of falls
  • Reduce risk of manual handling injury for caregivers

Our Services

We can conduct an assessment of your falls risk and provide falls prevention advice.

Our assistive equipment and home modifications services can support your wellbeing by adjusting your home and the way you do things to make it safer and easier.

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Ask us for information about government funding that may cover our fees.

Client Example

Marianne* finds it difficult to shower because of dizziness and breathlessness caused by heart disease. This makes her reluctant to see her friends, causing her to feel isolated.

We recommended:

  • A shower chair to reduce effort and increase safety
  • Grab rails in the shower to increase safety
  • A different shower head and a shower curtain in case Marianne wants to have help to shower
  • Change to room ventilation to make breathing easier when showering
  • A terry-towelling dressing gown and seat to make drying off easier (reduce exertion)

Marianne is now able to shower far more independently and safely, giving her confidence to socialise more often.