Living skills assessment

Assessment of your living skills and abilities.

We believe in occupational justice: everyone has the right to live with dignity and autonomy, safely.

We identify constraints and barriers to overcome, and strengths and enablers to enhance, in your every day activities.

  • NDIS Functional Capacity Assessment

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) assessment

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Our assessment of your ability to perform every day living tasks includes:

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  • The impact of mental and physical health conditions.

  • Your experience, habits, routines, and preferences for doing things.

  • How you are supported by other professional services, family, friends and caregivers.

  • How your home and environment supports you.

  • Your personal goals related to improving your quality of life.

We interview you and caregivers, observe you doing different tasks or moving about, use formal assessments, and review previous reports for our assessment.

We have experience providing assessments for adults with all kinds of physical and mental health conditions, and all levels of ability.

We can recommend:

  • Equipment, home modifications, and strategies to do tasks differently to increase your safety and independence.

  • Areas of your life where you could benefit from additional support e.g. managing accommodation, using transport.

  • Where you may benefit from more specialised assessment or services by a different professional e.g. a medication review, sensory assessment.

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