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Accessible new home design

We work with you, your architect and builder to design an accessible, livable home that maximises your independence.

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Knowledge and expertise

all home modifications

We are highly qualified and experienced in designing home modifications of all levels of complexity, and accessible homes, for NDIS, My Aged Care, and private clients.

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Living with meaning

What is Occupational Therapy?

Live your life the way you want. Injury, illness and impairment doesn't always mean you need to stop doing what matters to you.

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Our Services

  • Home Modifications
    Home Modifications

    Don’t let injury or impairment restrict your ability to move around your home. We take the time to collaborate with you and the right construction professionals to design...

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  • Assistive Equipment
    Assistive Equipment

    Don’t let injury or impairment stop you from doing the things you need and want to do. We can recommend equipment to assist you to perform an activity...

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  • Living Skills Assessment
    Living Skills Assessment

    Customised assessment of your living skills and functional abilities. We can provide assessment of your ability to perform every day living tasks, including: The impact of mental and...

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  • Falls Prevention
    Falls Prevention

    Improve your safety and maintain your independence at home. Falls prevention advice is valuable for people who are thinking ahead about preventing falls, as well as those who...

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